Friday, October 18, 2013

hot wine

 The heat wave period is behind us, the weather is changing, and low ice temperatures are about to start. The heating season for wine is about to begin. Many of us enjoy in heated (mulled) wine, even those who are not fans and frequent consumers of this beverage. It is certain that this drink is a tradition and pleasure of consuming, but if this drink can also be used as a cure?

  Certainly yes . The correct recipe for hot wine is variable , depending on what you are going to use it.

  Hot wine is mostly used as a remedy for colds , flu , fever, improve circulation and blood picture.

Hot wine against colds - tradition and cure

  Hot wine against colds is much used and is a very effective remedy . To get the required quality of the drug in the wine add a few grains of pepper and few bay leaf papers depending on the amount that you are going to be heated. However careful because hot wine is still wine and you must adjust the dose because otherwise you can experience different consequences and certainly drunkenness.

Healthy hot wine

 Besides that hot wine is good for colds, it is interesting that this is perhaps the most powerful aphrodisiac which can be prepared . One glass of hot wine is a great way to heat the atmosphere between you and your partner , and besides that it raises the quality of sex and enhances and maintains an erection.

Another recipe plus ...

  If you want to make really tasty and healthy drink of red wine , which will have a unique flavor , and would also be a powerful aphrodisiac do the next recipe .

Warm the wine with an orange peel , two nutmegs , half a teaspoon of cinnamon and one tablespoon of sugar . For a short while tasty and healthy drink will be ready.

Hot wine recipe


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