Thursday, October 24, 2013

 Rose hip is a natural cleaner of the body and a mild laxative because it contains fruit acid. She like fruit is commonly used for making tea, syrup, jam, and also can be eaten fresh because there is no occurrence of side effects on the body and can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

  The content of vitamin C in the rose hip is useful for everyone. Especially is recommended for women in the afterbirth period because when Vitamin C is converted into milk works well for the development of the baby. Vitamin C in combination with other beneficial ingredients in the rose hip is easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal part of the body.Rose hip has also diuretic action so it is useful for people with rheumatism, kidney stones and problems with urination. It has a large amount of folic acid and vitamins A and E and the mineral potassium is also present.
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 This fruit has also an antioxidant action and helps prevent harmful oxidation processes taking place in the body.If it is consumed regularly contributes to healthy looking hair, skin and nails. It helps to a certain extent to the lack of iron in the body. It is essential for the healthy structure of the teeth, gums and bones.

 Besides being rich in antioxidants , rose hip tea can improve your heart health , can revitalize your sex life , protect you from breast cancer and can prevent accumulation of excess weight. Rose hip tea remove fatigue,obscurity and other discomforts caused by lack of vitamin C . Tea from the flowers of the rose hip is used to treat hemorrhoids and diarrhea.
 The fruits are harvested  at the end of the summer and during the fall , and it should be harvested only hard fruits because overripe and young fruits contain less beneficial ingredients . When preparing recipes with rose hips if you need to boiling fruits , do not use aluminum pots because you will lose the vitamin C.

  The rose hip tea is recommended especially in the autumn when the weather is changing and colds are common because it lowers the temperature easily. This tea has the best and most effective action and thus strengthens the immune system, as well as the body.


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