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 Diet despite the impact on body weight, the level of fat in the body and the health of the cardiovascular system, have a huge impact on the health of the mouth and teeth. And because the oral cavity is the initial part of the digestive system of food, her condition has a major impact on the health of this system, and from there on the overall health of the individual.

Avoid refined sugar

  Refined sugar is food source of bacteria in the mouth that metabolize and release acids that eat away surface of the teeth and cause cavities. Because of that this type of food should be used sparingly and after consuming it is desirable to brush your teeth.

Beware of soft drinks


  Soft drinks contain high levels of refined sugar. In addition they contain many other substances (such as phosphoric acid , pH regulators and preservatives ) that are potentially harmful to teeth and other oral tissues . Acids from them directly corrodes tooth substance and simultaneously provide an ideal environment for the development of bacteria who using the sugars from juice produce yet more acids that cause cavities. Cavities lesions in people who excessively consume carbonated drinks are usually massive , fast developing and soft . Soon they reach to tooth pulp and cause inflammation. Acids also performed micro damages of the soft tissues in the mouth , making them more easily susceptible from attacks of all types of microorganisms.

Careful with coffee and colored drinks

  Coffee and colored beverages (red wine, cocoa, etc.) affect the teeth by carrying out their darkening and yellowing. Wine also with its sticky and acidic components can have devastating action on the teeth.

Give up smoking and alcohol
  Cigarettes, alcohol and some medications cause dryness in the mouth. This prevents the so-called "self-cleaning of the mouth" with the flow of saliva. So in dry mouth bacteria have ideal conditions for continuous attack over hard and soft tissues.

Three balanced meals daily
  With three well- balanced meals a day , bacteria lack the ability to produce sufficient quantities of acid that will cause cavities.
  Under balanced meals it means moderate intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and vitamins and minerals. These type of diet include complex carbohydrates ( boiled potatoes, grains and any food rich with dietary fiber ), proteins ( meat and dairy products, fish , etc.) and fat ( healthy fats found in nuts , almonds , etc. ). Besides, it must not be forgotten consuming of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Chew gum


  Gums that doesn’t contain sugars in their composition and they contribute to beneficial hygiene of the mouth and teeth. The gum chewing makes mechanical cleaning of the surfaces of the teeth and simultaneously  stimulate the secretion of saliva which has an additional effect in washing the mouth.

7 Tips for Healthy and Shiny White Teeth

  Regular brushing in the morning and before bed is by no means, but here what else you need to know...


  Ideally for your teeth will be if you do not smoke, do not drink black tea, soft drinks and dark juices - to have really beautiful teeth. Keep in mind that what is dark in color, and you put it in your mouth , leaves a trace on your teeth. If, however, you can not resist, brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking beverages. Eat apples because they are beneficial for oral hygiene.


  It is important that in addition to regular cleaning of the teeth comes and cleaning of the tongue. There are brushes with a special section for the tongue so you can make the cleaning. That way you will have fresh breath and will remove bacteria from the pile of mouth.


  Baking soda - its use is due to the reactive composition that easily combines with dirt on the teeth, and if it is blended with sea salt , the effect is amplified. The teeth will be whiter and with less layers, but do not overdo the use - once a week is enough.



  The apple cider vinegar helps in bleaching. However it is important to be careful because acids erode tooth enamel. But if you use it correctly, diluted with water, it becomes a simple and healthy way of whitening teeth. Teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is mixed with half a cup of water and becomes an excellent mouthwash. The mixture is sufficiently weak and will not damage your teeth, yet strong enough to clean out harmful reagents.

  Every second month change your toothbrush or the effect of purity is lost.

Dental floss


  The best practice is cleaning your teeth with dental floss. Do this as often as possible. Always keep the unopened package with dental floss. Help yourself to prevent various diseases, food will be retained and you will have less reason to go to the dentist.


  Always keep lipstick or lip gloss with appropriate colors. The ideal color is bright red or coral. This color will affect your teeth to look whiter. Avoid neutral colors because they will reduce your ”pearl” appearance of white.


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