Thursday, November 21, 2013

 We all have over 1000 billion cells in our bodies, each of which requires a constant daily intake of nutrients to function optimally.
 Food affects these cells and further, on every aspect of our lives: mood, energy level, hunger, thinking capacity, sex drive, sleep habits and general health. If you feed your body with inadequate food it will build up fat very fast, it will reduce your energy and even brain activity.

 It is important to consider that the spine is the main pathway of the nerves in the body. Because of that all emotional, psychological and physical stress  may manifest in the back, especially at the waist – from the tail to the kidney. When you are under stress or your body is exhausted because of a poor diet, the kidneys have to work faster and their purification system cannot work effectively. Therefore , diet can play a major role in the prevention of  back pain .

 So, what to do?

 Changes in eating habits are easier to say than to do, but it is worth to try. Small changes can make a big difference, so you have  nothing to lose. And the basic rule is that with the removal of all "known " bad foods like cookies, chocolate, soft drinks, chips, from your diet, your job is already half over!

 Help with back pain due to diet

• Drink more water , at least 6-8 cups a day. Dehydration  will cause back pain in those who are prone to back problems. Water also helps to expel excess acidic particles from the kidneys.

• Avoid red meat, caffeine and sugar as much as possible. Alcohol and factory- processed foods can also burden your back .

• Eat more green leafy vegetables. Legumes and nuts like almonds, seeds and fish are good choices, too.

• Add more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet.

• Reduce fat in your diet .

• If you suffer from back pain insert the following supplements every day:

Magnesium (1000mg)
Calcium (750mg)
Liquid Minerals
Aloe Vera juice (2 tablespoons) 1 hour before bedtime.

 Simple tips for a healthy diet

 When we are too busy and under stress we are often prone to make poor choices in diet, and it can only increase stress and cause additional problems.


 Skipping breakfast makes it difficult to maintain a steady level of sugar in the blood and the efficient functioning of the body during the day.

Green Tea

 Large amounts of caffeine that can harm the body and can increase stress and reduce mental performance, can be replaced  with miraculous and widely known green tea.

Instead Coca Cola drink mineral water

 Excessive use of Coca Cola has many bad health effects. Healthier alternative is mineral water that refreshes, hydrates the body, while the caffeine of Coke dehydrates the body.

Healthy snack

 You should always have a snack with you, it is advisable to be rich in sugars that will immediately raise the drop in blood sugar in your body. Grain desserts are a great choice.
 If you have a habit of eating chips, flips and other snacks, replace them with carrots, hard cheese, celery, sunflower seeds. Even popcorn is a good choice if it is without the fat and salt.

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