Tuesday, December 3, 2013

  In recent months, the media have been awash with news of a powerful anti-carcinogenic effect of herb Graviola (Annona muricata). Graviola represents new hope for cancer patients, is stronger than chemotherapy and spares healthy cells – as experts say. 

  Growing in North and South America, this herb is evergreen and has excellent taste. Its flavor is similar to a fruit yogurt - say people who have tried the taste of graviola. The whole herb has healing potential from the root until the fruit. From its leaves people long ago have made ​​tea, which they used to treat liver problems and diabetes. In Africa, this herb is used today as analgesics and as an effective cure for pediatric fever.

  This healing herb has been neglected until recent research revealing that Graviola (Annona muricata) is an excellent anticancer drug. Scientists believe that it is almost 10 000 times stronger than classic chemotherapy, destroys cancer cells and spares healthy ones, and establishes the normal function of the body. Graviola is an herb which has not any harmful effects on the body if is used normally. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and many other items that are of great benefit to your health.

  Graviola can be bought as a supplement, and for the dosage is recommended that you consult with your pharmacist. It is important to emphasize that graviola is a plant that still needs various tests and examinations from the experts. Let's hope that future studies will confirm the anticancer effect of this herb, and will bring new hope to those suffering from the plague of the 21st century.

   Anticancer food

  A certain food in the Western world is considered as a carcinogen. As a result of that, it is recommended for people to apply the anticancer diet”.
This diet consists primarily of vegetables (vegetables and grains) accompanied by olive (canola or flax-seed) oil, organic butter, herbs and spices. Also come in consideration meat and eggs,and there is also a list of foods that can help fight cancer:

Green Tea

 Reduces the growth of new blood vessels needed for tumor growth and metastasis. Japanese green tea (Sencha, Gyokuro, Matcha, etc.) is more efficient than Chinese green tea.

Kurkum and Curry     

t is the strongest natural anti-inflammatory today. It also helps in the development of apoptosis in cancer cells and inhibit angiogenesis. It is determined that improves the efficiency of chemotherapy and reduces tumor growth. It is important to know that to be absorbed by the body kurkum must be mixed with black pepper. The ideal is to have solutions in oil (Malinois oil, flax-seed or canola).

It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also helps in the reduction of the creation of new blood vessels. Infusion of ginger also helps reduce nausea and difficulties that occur after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Garlic, onions, leeks

component that has this family of vegetables reduces the carcinogenic effect of nitrosamines and N-Nitro components that are created in roast meat or in the process of tobacco burning. Encourage the death of cancer cells in the intestine, breast, lung and prostate, as well as in leukemia.

Vegetables and fruits rich in carotenoids
Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, peaches, beets, and other fruits and vegetables with bright colors (orange, red, yellow, green) contain vitamin A and lycopene, which have proven ability to inhibit the cell growth of certain types of cancer, some of which are quite aggressive.


It has been proven that lycopene which is found in tomatoes contributes to survival in patients with prostate cancer who consumed tomato sauce at least twice a week. It is important to remember that to release lycopene from tomatoes they first need to be cooked. Their absorption in the human body boosts by olive oil.

Shiitake, Maitake, ENOC- they all contain polysaccharides and lentinian that stimulate the reproduction and activity of immune cells.These mushrooms are commonly used in Japan as an adjunct to chemotherapy to improve the immune system.

Herbs and spices                  
 Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil and mint induce apoptosis in cancer cells and reduce their speed of propagation by blocking enzymes that are needed to penetrate neighboring tissues . Carnosol founded in rosemary is also a powerful antioxidant and antiinflamator . It has proven its ability to increase the effectiveness of certain chemotherapeutic agents. Parsley and celery contain apigenin , anti-inflammatory that promotes apoptosis and blocks angiogenesis.

Omega 3 amino acids that are found in fish reduce inflammation. In cell cultures, they reduce cell growth in a number of tumors (lung, breast, colon, prostate, liver, etc.). They also affect the prevention of the occurrence of metastases.

Foods rich in selenium               
Selenium is a trace element found in soil. Vegetables and grains grown on organic way also contain large quantities of selenium. Selenium stimulates cells of the immune system, especially NK cells.

Vitamin D      

Recently has been demonstrated that a certain amount of vitamin D significantly reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Skin cells produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, but in the body can be also input via tablets.

  - Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries -

Contain ellagic acid and a number of poly-phenols. They stimulate the process of elimination of carcinogenic substances and inhibit angiogenesis
Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate (chocolate that contains more than 70% cocoa) contains a number of antioxidants, poly-phenols and proanthocyanidins. These molecules slow down the growth of cancer cells and limit angiogenesis. It is important to know that mixing chocolate with milk products, annul the effect that the molecules of cocoa have in dark chocolate. Therefore you should avoid consumption of chocolate milk.


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