Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Green food is a special story when talking about healthy eating habits. It contains many beneficial ingredients for our health that cannot be found in any other food. Speaking of green food we think of fruits and vegetables in which dominates green color.Here are some facts that prove how green food is an excellent doctor.

Green foods are an excellent source of amino acids

  Many amino acids that are important for the body are found in green foods. Some of them are extremely effective because they have the perfect anti-inflammatory effect.

Green foods protect against cataracts

  Beta carotene found in green plants is a great protector of the eyes and prevent macular degeneration. Therefore it is recommended to use by all, especially the elderly people.

Green food helps with constipation

  Green foods contain many substances that improve digestion, absorb gases and accelerated intestinal peristalsis. Green food is a great cure for constipation.

Green foods as prophylaxis of atherosclerosis

  A glass of fruit juice or green vegetables once a day is one of the most powerful prevention of atherosclerosis, but also a good remedy against various inflammations, especially against pneumonia.

Green food protects the nervous system


  Vitamin B, C, and other ingredients that are included in green foods are a great guardian of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Green food is excellent against excesses of fluids

  Potassium from green vegetables is a powerful diuretic which helps you to get rid of excess body fluids, and thus to reduce blood pressure.

Plus - Healthy foods that contain a lot of calcium

  Calcium is a mineral that is much needed by our body, especially for the elderly people.
  We all know that the milk contains calcium in higher amounts, but not everyone wants or can import milk in larger quantities. So read which are six other healthy foods that contain a lot of calcium.



  You know that orange is full of vitamins, but did you know that an orange contains nearly 60 mg calcium?

  Sesame seeds are very healthy for your body, especially if we talk about calcium as 100 grams of sesame seeds contains up to 35% of your daily calcium needs for a healthy body.



  Almonds are one of the healthiest fruits of our region. Contains many vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins. But speaking of calcium almonds can truly boast large amounts of calcium. Expressed in numbers means 100 grams almonds contain 250 mg. of calcium and that is really a huge amount.


  Broccoli is one of the healthiest food in the world. In just one cup of cooked broccoli we can find 180 mg of calcium, and many other really useful substances.


  Contrary to many opinions sunflowers are a very healthy food. In addition to many other substances in sunflower we can find plenty of calcium. In 30 grams of sunflower there are around 50 mg of calcium.

White Beans


 White bean is one of the most prevalent traditional dishes in the country and the region.
  So we can say that the beans besides many other benefits is an excellent source of calcium. One cup of cooked beans contains 100 mg calcium.


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