Thursday, December 5, 2013

 Bellow you will find several teas that you can prepare them tomorrow and drink all day, cold, instead of processed drinks and yes they will help you reduce your weight besides their positive influence on your health.

Fennel tea

  Happy is the one who wants aromatic flavor of fennel tea because this tea can be drunk as he wants, and it is delicious, sweet and pleasant even when it is not sweetened. Not only it will regulate your thirst, but it will clean you, and it is beneficial if you suffer from bloating, gas and cramps. Beans of fennel are boiled few minutes, and can be consumed from young children too.

Apple compote

  Begins the season of apples and it is easier to find home apples, not sprayed and which hide in their bark many vitamins. Chop apples into large chunks together with a bark and cook them for a short time, and the longer this sweet compote stays the juice will naturally be softer. A little honey and lemon and you can enjoy in this compote all day - your spirit and your body will be grateful to you. The same you can do with plums, pears, raspberries.

Peppermint tea

  The scent of the leaves of mint when you rub them through your fingers acts to all your senses. In the summer you should certainly try to use fresh herbs. A perfect blend of taste and smell, and very effective when you need calming the nerves and stomach. For a moment you will feel better.

  However do not use industrial mint in unlimited quantities, and also not all species that grow in nature are harmless . If you use fresh mint buy it from a safe location. Mint is ideal as summer refreshment in the form of tea, and also the plant looks great as an ornamental plant.

And yes, this tea relieves stress and helps lose weight.

Drink Green Tea and reduce weight
 If you want a flat stomach we recommend you to replace the drinks you consume during the day with green tea.

  In the 12 -week study of the magazine “Journal of nutrition” that took 100 people aged 21 to 65 years, they managed to lose stomach fat drinking green tea several times a day.
  The researchers believe that antioxidant catechins encourage fat loss together with exercises. Abdominal fat was decreased by only 180 minutes of exercise a week with moderate intensity. Imagine what you could accomplish with an increased intensity of the workout.
  Green tea has been studied for longer periods and every new research document contains positive information, whether it relates to cardiovascular health, physical energy and antioxidants that fight the free radicals. Green tea is a great drink before any kind of physical training.

Magical drink of 4 types of tea for weight loss

 We are trying all sorts of diets and ways to reduce weight, but we never even occurred that tea plays a vital role in the process of losing weight.
 Tea, besides it has many healthy nutrients for the body, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and thus to reduce excess weight. See what is the magic drink to reach your wished number of kilograms.


In the 3 liters of boiling water put
4 tea bags of parsley tea
4 tea bags of thyme
4 tea bags of green tea
2 bags of wort tea
Let the water stand for half an hour, then remove the bags, add 3 tablespoons honey and 4 squeezed lemons.
Drink the tea for 6 days by 1.5 liters a day. Then pause of two days and renewed for another six days. Drink until you see results .


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