Monday, January 27, 2014

You can not avoid everyday tasks, but at least you can change something about yourself and feel energized throughout the day. In addition we present some tips that will be of great importance in the implementation of full-day responsibilities.

Regular breakfast        

Your breakfast should include protein and complex carbohydrates. It is best in the morning to drink a cup of yogurt and eat some fruit. Consumption of simple carbohydrates quickly raise blood sugar levels, which after a while causes sharp decline and reduction of energy and fatigue. Complex carbohydrates are digested for longer time and give a feeling of satiety that lasts several hours.

Fruit for snacks

When you feel you are fiddling, just eat some juicy fruit. Fresh fruit is rich in fructose and after its consumption, the body will not react with sudden raising and lowering of blood sugar, but will raise the level of energy and you will feel fresher.


Besides healthy food the body needs water for its rehydration. Occasionally drink in a glass of water. The required quantity of water throughout the day is 2 liters.

Sugar and caffeine in small amounts
If you experience a lack of energy and you feel drowsy, do not immediately drink coffee or eat chocolate. Sugars and caffeine will raise the level of sugar just for a short time and you feel the flow of energy. But right after that sugar falls sharply and you will feel exhausted.

Do not starve
Try during the day instead of the usual three to have five smaller meals.Thus your metabolism will constantly working by not letting your energy levels fall below the level necessary to perform everyday tasks. Better to replenish energy with smaller meals that will come to accelerate the metabolism and thus the body will not store excess food in fat.

Sleep enough

A healthy and varied diet can increase energy but cannot compensate lack of sleep. Therefore, in addition to diet, you need to look out for the quality of sleep.
To rest the body and to regenerate brain cells you need to sleep 7-8 hours per night. Sleeping during the day can not replace night sleep.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

  What is certain is that most women literally will shudder when they hear the word " aging ". While we try with all kinds of cosmetic products to stop the appearance of wrinkles and keep our youthfulness, we don’t see that sometimes we ourselves are the main perpetrators for their occurrence. The main causes of premature aging of our skin are hidden in our daily bad habits.

Poor and inadequate nutrition


  Besides it’s a bad influence on our health, certainly affects the acceleration of the aging process of our skin. If we only eat unhealthy food, and under that is primarily related to the fatty, fried foods and sweets, we supply the body with harmful substances. By changing our eating habits, taking as many fruits, vegetables, grains, our skin regenerates and rejuvenates and slows down the aging process and the appearance of wrinkle.



  I do not think only on active but also on passive smoking. Every inhaling of smoke in indoors is very harmful for the skin. Smoke from cigarettes enters the pores and not only causes wrinkles, but also dry out the skin. It also reduces the amount of vitamin C in the skin, which is very important for maintenance of the youthful skin look.

Lack of physical activity

  Physical activity is extremely important for the body. In this way, we establish proper circulation , which is necessary for the discharge of harmful substances from the body. This is essential if we want our skin to look healthy and fresh.

Improper application of creams 


  Believe it or not, if the face cream is applied with the wrong moves, you can provoke the emergence or intensification of wrinkles, dark circles and skin greasiness. 

  If you have a problem with redness of the skin or cracked capillaries, which are also signs of skin aging, think about how often you consume alcohol. When consuming alcohol comes increased blood flow that causes this unpleasant appearance of the skin.

Lack of sleep

  One of the major causes of aging. Nothing is more essential in the fight against aging of the skin and wrinkles like a nice, calm dream. On average, every adult person should sleep about eight hours a day. If you consistently not sleep enough, comes not only to fatigue, but also to the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes. Many women try to sleep on their back, in order not to get wrinkles. Recent research has shown that it does not reflect the real basics.

Meet the 10 magnificent anti-aging ingredients

  All women want to maintain youthful looking skin as much as possible. This is not about cosmetic surgery, botox and hyaluronic acid. This is about the ingredients that can be found in everyday cosmetics for the face, and can help in the fight against wrinkles.


AHA and BHA- They make the skin to be smooth. AHA are the best for normal to dry skin and skin damaged by the sun. They increase hydration and stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, equalize and make a smooth uneven skin texture. BHA is best for normal to oily skin and for trimming redness from rosacea.

Retinol- It helps to create better skin cells, increasing the amount of substances that protect the skin. Increases collagen production leading to improved texture and protective functions of the skin.

Vitamin C- increases collagen synthesis, reduces the appearance of stains on the skin, strengthens the defense mechanism of the skin, increase skin regeneration and reduces inflammation. Helps the skin when exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin E- protects cell membranes from oxidative damage and prevents the destruction of collagen. In combination with vitamin C gives excellent results. On the declaration of cosmetic products can be listed as : tocopheryl acetate, tocopheryl linoleate, tocotrienols, alpha tocopherol and tocopherol succinate.

Niacinamide - Is a component of vitamin B3. Increases ceramide and free fatty acids in the skin. Prevents water loss from the skin and stimulates micro-circulation in the dermis. It is especially important for lightening stains on the skin and acne removing.

Green tea – Has an antioxidant function, produces collagen, reduces inflammation and damage to the skin.

Resveratrol - As an antioxidant it protects the skin from damage caused by exposure to the sun, reducing damage to the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis. A powerful oxidant, excellent for skin.

The seeds of grapes - Antioxidant that significantly reduces the effect of free radicals. In combination with other antioxidants, its efficiency is increased. Expert in the fight against wrinkles.

Ceramides - They make up about 20 % of the entire extra cellular structure of the skin. They cling cells like glue and help the skin to retain its fresh look. When the skin is damaged by the sun, when is dry or irritated by care products, ceramides are reduced and the skin is then more sensitive and vulnerable. It is therefore necessary to replace ceramides because they protect the skin and help her to look younger.

Linoleic acid - These fatty acids keep the skin's appearance as they filled her inter-cellular space. It "speaks" to the skin cells how to function healthier. It helps in reducing inflammation and it is believed to be a key factor in how skin ages.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tangerine – lot of health in small packaging

  Tangerine is a fruit that compared with other similar fruit is very small, but is equally powerful as orange, lemon and other fruits like her. Scientists say that it contains many anti - oxidant, many vitamin, mineral, protects against many diseases, and according to some research protects against liver cancer.

  According to some research tangerine is so powerful that it can reduce the risk of cancer in people suffering from hepatitis. Tangerine has the power to upgrade up to 80 % of the daily requirement of the body of vitamin C and vitamin A. This small but amazing fruit is packed with antioxidants that are powerful guardian of all cells in the body.

  All studies done about the tangerine show that it is especially powerful when it comes to hyperlipidemia or increased amount of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Thus tangerine is particularly effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  Tangerines are powerful in building immunity, have many fibers so they easily satisfy your satiety. They are good for different type of diets. They can quickly saturate you and reduce the feelings of hunger. So it is needlessly how tangerine is great for your health and should be consumed in larger amounts, it is sweet, light, delicious and so powerful ...

Why banana is indispensable for your health

  Banana is super fruit which is indispensable when it comes to your health. Read some facts and you will never look banana with the same eyes ...

Banana cure depression

  Banana contains high levels of tryptophan which converts to serotonin and is really successful in treating depression.

Banana - recipe for success of athletes

  Eat two bananas before the game or before you go to the gym, they will give you energy to keep the level of sugar in the blood and will be factor for your good condition and success.

Banana strengthens bones

  Banana reduces lost amounts of calcium and maintain healthy bones. Therefore it is necessary for people of all ages to consume a banana.

Banana is the body's thermoregulator

  When you have a fever you should eat bananas. It helps in situations of increased body temperature, and during the extremely hot summer days to cool the body.

Banana against itching and insect bites
The inner bark of the banana is effective against itching and insect bites. Rub the inside of the bark of the banana at the part where you feel itching or the part where you got insect bite.

Banana before exam

  You have the exam early in the morning and do not have time for breakfast ? Eat two bananas before leaving and feel how great power it has to improve concentration and physiological abilities of your brain.

Bananas regulate blood pressure

They contain a lot of potassium and are low in salt - great for people who suffer from hypertension.

Bananas for healthy digestive system

  Eat bananas to improve digestion because bananas contain pectin which is very effective, it releases toxins from the body and protects the normal intestinal flora.

Banana cure for PMS

  At a time when you feel the symptoms of PMS, eat more bananas. It has been proven that they have the power to relieve the problems that come with this syndrome.

Wild strawberry - small, powerful and delicious

  Wild strawberries or forest strawberry is a small fruit, which is very delicious and very useful. The strawberry is one of 400 known species, but is definitely one of the most beloved. Small, delicious and irresistible is perhaps the most precise description of this fruit, but folk medicine says that this fruit is also incredibly healthy. 


  These berries can be found in the mountains in the period from May to September. This fruit is rich in many vitamins, only a hand full of this fruit is enough to provide vitamin C for the whole day. Besides vitamin C, this fruit contains vitamin B, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin E… Large presence of manganese in this fruit makes it to be very healthy for the brain, nervous system, blood, bones and whole metabolism.
  Experts say that this fruit should be washed like any other, but not under a strong jet of water, because it loses nutrients.

  Forest strawberry is an excellent remedy against constipation and excellent treatment for lazy bowel syndrome. Other than that they are great against spring fatigue, they detoxed the body, and can be used for diabetics too. From the forest strawberry you can also make strawberry tea, which purifies the kidneys, liver and blood.

  Forest strawberry is a boon for the body, is good for the heart and blood vessels, and also has great influence on the regulation of blood pressure. It contains very few calories and is an excellent nutritional fruit. Contains low in calories and provides a major contribution in the fight against cellulite. Small but powerful, we have to admit that would be great if it is a constant part of our diet.
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