Tuesday, March 18, 2014

 Have you ever wondered what is that they do differently? Of course, neither the influence of Mother Nature cannot be ignored, but still much higher merit belongs to their habits. Habits are patterns of behavior that we at some point in our life gained, learned and accepted. They have become part of us, and they largely shape our lives. Here are some very useful habits that are characteristic for fit people.

1. Do not hold the diets and do not count calories

  This primarily refers to the sudden, weight loss diets that promise instant results. The mentality of fit people does not operate according to the principle of fast damage removal. They don’t lead themselves to a situation to bully themselves and their bodies. Clearly they would not get very far and will do much more harm than good. Also, avoid the niceties when it comes to calories.

 Please note - none of these people has not counted how many he ate for lunch and not thinking how many kilometers he run. They know very well that marks when they are hungry, for what kind of food are hungry and how to meet their needs. Simply know how to listen to the needs of their body, and do not burden with the numbers and rules.

2. Have regular exercise and choose activities in which they enjoy

  You'll notice that many of them are not fanatics and buffs, but physical activity is an essential part of their life. Whether it is a sport, gym, jogging, cycling, recreational soccer or something completely fifth. They need to move and it is easy to motivate them. They choose activities they enjoy and know how to adapt their training needs.

3. Control their weight

  Not in the sense of obsessive measurement three times a day, but occasionally they do controls. In this way, they can easily notice the changes and react on time.

4. Have a sustainable nutrition

  The nutrition of fit people looks so that it can maintain an unlimited period of time. There is no denial of necessary sources of energy, protein, vitamins, etc. Their diet is well balanced, varied, meets all the requirements, as well as tastes. So, they can live with it every day. It is not something for the summer holiday, celebration or some event, but these are choices that relate to everyday life. 

 " Can I do that the rest of my life? " Is a question that needs answering if you have the right motivation related to your appearance. It is the behavior and the choices you make for yourself, your better health and body looks.

5. They do not solve the problems with food

  To all of us some time can happen to seek relief in brittle chocolate or a cake, but it does not exceed the habit and stable way in which to cope with any situation. People with overweight often emotions, frustration, loneliness or boredom solve with food. Ease the moment, but soon after that they notice that, nor did they fix the problem, nor have a good feel for what they had just eaten. The chances that the food will solve the problem that bothers us are very low, so it's smarter to try other solutions - a walk, watching a movie, coffee with a friend or a warm bath may have been better choices.

6. Do not surround with the temptations

  If you look in the pantry of fit people, it's hard to find him full of sweets and snacks. Here and there can be found some delicacy, but they fill their fridge with healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.

7. They enjoy occasional treats

  In contrast to people who are overweight, living with a bunch of prohibitions, restrictions and limitations, fit people have a different approach. They do not put barriers to themselves, and can taste any of their favorite sweets from time to time. Also, they do it with full enjoyment, without fear and a sense of guilt.

8. More movement on a daily basis

  You can not assume how much difference makes the choice if you will go on foot or wait for the bus, whether you use a lift or stairs, walk during breaks at work or just to move from chair to the bench... When you look all these are little things but if you think about it, throughout the day we all make these small choices, and at the end it all accumulates. Fitness people in situations like this always make smarter choices.

9. Be sure to eat breakfast and do not skip meals

  Recognize the importance of breakfast and the impact that it has on their metabolism. Without a quality meal they do not come out of the house and thus ensure themselves a successful start to the day. It is equally important to have regular meals. If there is starvation, except that it slows down your metabolism, often comes to the " panic " in the body and nervous reactions. 

10. Stop eating when you are full

  Known syndrome " clean plate " is not typical for people who care about their diet. Fit people know how to recognize the first signs of fullness and satisfaction of hunger. They ate, enjoyed the food and stop to eat, although there is still food in the plate. They don’t like the sense of overload and inertia.

  Likewise, we all know that the brain requires a certain period of time to receive information from stomach about satiety.

11. Do not compare yourself with others

  Definitely a mandatory ingredient in the recipe for disaster and disappointment - a comparison with others. Whether it is related to weight, diet, exercise, or anything else. How only every organism in itself is unique and specific, how our bodies react differently to changes, how the factors affecting the structure of our body... it really is fascinating!
  What has worked with someone, is not necessarily that will help us. Knowing yourself, your body, and the real opportunities that are in line with those are crucial if we want to get the most out of our potential.

  Pay attention to the life and habits of fit people, maybe you will get some great idea. The unwritten rule is that for every habit takes on average a month to stabilize. Try, with a little patience and persistence you can make a big change in your life. 

 Do not underestimate the power of habit!


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