Friday, April 25, 2014

 The human body is an amazing system that always produces protective responses to stress. The body receives stress as a surplus energy which then translates into fat if it is not used for physical activity.


  The body does not know on which way is threatened, but feels that something is wrong. In that situation when is under stress our body defends by storing energy in the form of fat. It comes from secreting the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the production of fat, especially around the abdominal region.

  There are two types of stress: emotional and psychological. Most of us are familiar with the emotional stress that we have accepted as part of the today's fast way of living. One way to combat stress is exercise and relaxation. However, because of the enormous stress that we are exposed sometimes it may seem that no matter how much we exercise and sport simply we can not lose excess weight.

Here's what you should pay particular attention to:


The best way to sabotage a diet is to skip breakfast. Your body does not know when will get the next meal, so it slows down metabolism and makes storage of fat. The solution is to eat more frequent but smaller meals.

healthy food

  Eat three main meals and split them in half. Eat breakfast at 7, at 9 pm take the second half and so on. Eat plenty of protein, colorful fruits and vegetables. Eat more in the first half of the day, and during the day diminish your intake of food.


  The body needs water to survive. Most people are usually dehydrated. If your urine is not in light yellow color, it means that the your body is dehydrated, have toxins stored in the body and you are exposed to stress. When you are dehydrated, not only that the body accumulates more fat, but also retains water. The best way to solve this problem is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Enough Dream

  Lack of sleep can cause overeating. Recent studies have shown that the amount of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for hunger increases during sleep deprivation.  
  Ghrelin stimulates the storage of fat, especially in the abdomen.

lack of sleeping

  Do not be upset about losing weight and having perfect body, because once your body feels safe, it just starts to get rid of excess kilograms. Better results can be achieved with proper care of yourself and your health than you will succeed with any diet.

So eat less but more often, sleep more and have quality dream and drink fluids especially water.

live healthy life


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