Friday, May 30, 2014

 Cocktail From Quail Eggs For Reducing Weight

Cocktail of healthy ingredients that is prepared in just 5 minutes and will help you cope with the extra pounds. Read more...

quail eggs
Quail Eggs


Five eggs of Japanese quail

Two teaspoons of honey

Two teaspoons of yeast

Yogurt with 1 % milk fat

A little cinnamon


  Preparation is more than simple. All these ingredients mix in a glass of 200ml.
  First add the eggs, honey and yeast, and finally add yogurt to fill the remains place in the glass and put a pinch of cinnamon. The ingredients should mix well until mixture becomes compact.
  Drink this cocktail every day as a replacement for breakfast. It contains everything you need to give you energy, strength and nutrients until it came time for lunch, and at the same time it will help you to reduce excess weight.

A simple drink that helps keeping you youth

  Organic prepared juices are definitely the best choice for a drink, wherever you are. You can manipulate with a variety of fruit and vegetable cocktails. They are filled with freshness, vitamins, health, energy and life.

organic healthy juices
Organic Juices

  Here is a simple recipe how with a simple healthy drink you can up your energy and keep your youth without much worry that it might bring you some weight, because these drinks has very few calories.

All you need is three ingredients that are available everywhere:

Green tea (without accessories)

  Cucumber is an essential element in low fat cocktails that promise rejuvenation. It is highly hydrating, keeps skin and muscle tissue, it keeps the complexion and offers really sensitive skin and young looks.

  Celery from his side is a powerful weapon against free radicals, and a large reservoir of vitamins, which enables adequate food to the skin and energy and a healthy supply of nutrients to all cells in the body.

The wholeness of course is merged with the well-known green tea that binds these two effective components, and himself is a very strong source of vitamins and antioxidants and rare ingredients against premature aging of human cells.

green juice
Healthy Green Juice



Two fresh cucumbers without bark
4 stalks of celery
2 cups green tea


  Preparation is very simple. In a juicer place cucumber and celery, add little water so the mixture does not come out very dense. Lastly add the green tea. Those well united components consume as soon as possible after preparation.

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  1. it looks interesting – I love healthy green juice recipe. :-) I’m sure it was a healthy mixture. If it was tasty too, why not? It sounds great!


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