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 In order to enhance the flavor industrial food has massive amount of various additives that are often present on our food tables. The first victims of this tasty and tempting food are children and emotionally labile individuals, that their failure and emotion satisfy in this way.
  Recently a study was published that proves the link between junky food and addiction, which are produced in the brain and our body. So it is not an exaggeration to say that our children are drugged with unhealthy snacks, and unhealthy TV shows, and it is already scientifically proven.
  Combined with watching TV children often eat some unhealthy snacks, and considering that our children watch TV very, very much, somewhere on average 5-6 hours a day, it is really unhealthy combination.  

tv and junky food

The increasing number of obese children, and an epidemic of allergies and even heart disease are just some of the indicators of poor health condition of our children. Although diet is not the only factor that affects it, there are environmental pollution, psychological relationships in the family and the society in general, but it is one of the most important factors.

How in this sea of alluring savory and sweet foods we can provide healthy food choices for our kids?

  The primary of which we need to start is to know what is a healthy diet and how it should look? As recommended in the official pyramid of a healthy diet, daily menu should be on about 50% grains, 30% vegetables and fruits, legumes 10%, 10% nuts and seeds (pumpkin, flax, sesame, sunflower, almond, walnut, hazelnut), cold pressed oil.

healthy food pyramid

It is important the food to be of organic origin.

  Thermal processing should be reduced to minimum time, and certainly it is best to consume foods that grow in our region.

How one childish daily meal should look?


  Mixed broth from organic whole grains (barley, oats, rye, millet, wheat, buckwheat, corn…), with the addition of honey, dried or fresh organic fruit (apples, plums, figs), you can add and some self growing plant as nettle (dried or fresh), or mashed potato.

  Also for breakfast can be combined and a butter of legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas, sunflower seeds and pumpkin) in combination with unleavened whole-grain bread.

  Organic whole grain and beans can be found in most health food stores, in some of them can be found and organic vegetables, wile organic fruit is hard to find in stores and you must try to find it at some proven salesman in the market or with relatives and acquaintances from the countryside.

For snacks

 It is always advisable to have fresh fruit.


  Soup of grains, vegetables, beans with fresh salad of vegetables and wild plants with addition of seeds, cold pressed oil and vinegar from wild apple.
  For lunch you can prepare rice, potatoes with all other accessories.


  Dinner should be similar to breakfast. Here you can add the yogurt.

  Although we shouldn’t accustomed children to the ice cream, because the cold and frozen food does not match the stomach, there is a chance for a healthy ice cream, without all the harmful additives that are otherwise found in ordinary ice cream found in our stores. Healthy ice cream can be made from banana (or other fruit with thicker structure) and fruit (raspberry, apple, apricot, etc.), cocoa and honey. Then freeze it and put into molds for ice cream sticks.

fun and food

  Instead of bottled juice, children should be given plain water or tea without sweeteners. Also, children should drink only natural pressed juices that should be offered as a substitute for milk, and this can be extended with soy milk.
Instead of candy and sweet foods generally should be given fresh and dry fruits, biscuits and cakes made from whole wheat with honey.
  During the period of getting used to if needed slowly supplant the old unhealthy food with healthy (replace white rice with integral gradually adding small amounts, until the children get used to the little different flavor and appearance. Same make with the white flour and sugar). And so gradually add those natural and less artificial flavors to slowly change the perception of taste, which is actually the most difficult task while the children themselves do not become aware of the importance of healthy eating, regardless of taste.

kids healthy food

  So, wherever possible, in some combinations of soups, spreads, etc. adds wild plants, vegetables and other healthy foods whose flavor will not be felt. Gradually change the salty snacks and foods with less salt or salt-free.

  Salt and similar accessories are very dangerous and are one of the most widespread causes of heart disease, from which are dying most people in the world. Many countries around the world try to reduce the amount of salt in food.
It is recommended to avoid or completely cleared the food that is fried in much oil much (chips), and of course the food that is just fry and canned food

unhealthy food

  Children should never be forced into a healthy diet, but secretly you should offer delicious, healthy alternatives to the ultimate goal when they will be aware of healthy eating.
  It is certain that children would eat more natural and healthy food if we would oversee their nutrition from birth and when we wouldn’t bring them sweetened and salted foods. The natural urge for food will teach children to eat what is on the menu. It is normal that everyone has their own special habits, preferences and dietary needs, which means that everyone has their favorite and less food and more. No matter what, it would be necessary family and environment to change their attitude towards the child's needs. Therefore, it is needed healthy influence of institutions in which children reside, as schools and nurseries that has to spread awareness of healthy eating in children.

healthy food from youngest years

What instead this food?

Meat - spreads and other products from legumes, seeds and nuts. Milk - water, pressed juices, ”milk”- drinks from soy, rice and other cereals. Margarine - spreads from legumes, seeds, nuts and cold pressed oil. Chips and other snacks - healthy spreads and whole organic baked goods, popcorn (with little or no cold pressed oil and a little sea salt)... Sweet - home healthy ice cream healthy whole grain cookies with honey and fruit.

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