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 Woman besides the fact that it should take care of her slender figure, she should also keep an eye on her own health. Improvised diets lead to the collapse of the immune system, and hormonal disorders of which is very difficult to get out. Therefore, cherish your health and beauty with healthy food.

Health before everything

  Every woman longs to be beautiful, slender, healthy and spiritually rich.
  But I think the important thing is to be healthy. To health big influence comes from what we consumed as food. Women's constitution and metabolic structure is different from the male. Primary and foremost for every woman's is to have right and healthy nutrition, regardless of age.

healthy diet

  With the small and practical advices in this text, we may in some way help you and educate you on some female problems and illnesses. You can help yourself with proper food, but the important thing is to respect the advices and be disciplined.

Menstrual pains

  If you have menstrual pains, you can ease them with proper diet.
Scientists have proved that food can affect the female hormone estrogen, and thus affects menstruation. From food also and carbohydrates are very much associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The new research offers surprising data as certain foods and nutrients, including calcium, manganese, and especially fat and cholesterol affect the menstrual cycle.

menstrual pain

  Carbohydrates affect positively on PMS, so it is recommended to consume carbohydrates before PMS of the type of starch like potato, rice, oat flakes, barley, wheat, corn.

All this must be combined with a fresh salad, especially with fresh root vegetables. When a woman is in PMS, she should reduce the dose of coffee intake of coffee as a drink, or to reduce the intake of caffeine in the body.
  Fruits elevate estrogen levels in a woman, especially the mineral called boron. A food that is rich with boron is apple, pear, grapes, peach, raisins, legumes, nuts (almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts - all in a fresh form) and particularly rich source of boron is honey.

  As a recommendation you can start every morning with 3 grated apples, one tablespoon of honey, ten fresh almonds and one tablespoon of raisins.


  When a woman stops to produce estrogen, she enters in menopause, with the symptoms of the common cold and hot flashes and mood change. Lack of estrogen increases the risk of coronary heart disease and osteoporosis in later years. Every woman can from her early years through food to affect preventively - to alleviate these symptoms or to not get them at all. Namely, the use of soy and flaxseed can stimulate estrogen in women who enters in the postmenopausal period. The soy products with high protein content have estrogenic activity as well as tofu, soybean milk, but not soy sauce and soybean oil.
flaxseed for menopause


  If a woman has osteoporosis, it is best to keep an eye on her diet. She should use foods that contain a lot of calcium, manganese and vitamin D.
In her nutrition, she should use a great amount of leafy vegetables, fish, kale, broccoli, soy, beans, and should drink orange juice and yogurt.
Healthy Food for Osteoporosis


  It is very often disease in women. It is a fungal disease caused by Candida albicans, a fungus which like other fungus feeds on sugars. These diseases can be beaten by eliminating sugar intake as nutrition. From the nutrition should be eliminated potato, rice, white flour, sweets and cakes, fruit, bread, cheese, fermented food, mushrooms, yeast.

  From drinks you should eliminate any type of alcohol including beer.

  Foods that will win over candidiasis is garlic, yogurt and olive oil.   Also it is important to eat vegetables in unlimited quantities, and from natural pressed juices only lemon juice is allowed without additives of sugar and honey.


  Female population very often bothers from constipation. High consumption of laxative resources can create additional problems. Constipation can be solved with daily drinking 8 glasses of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. I personally recommend that you avoid many processed foods that do not contain dietary fiber.
water for constipation


  Let's not forget that for women's health in no way should be left out physical activity.

physical activity

  With proper diet, you can make the best precaution to preserve your own health and be slender. With this you will beautify yourself and be spiritually richer.


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