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 Raw food diet is actually a way of life, in which 75% of the products are eaten raw without any heat treatment.   Raw food diet has a rich history since antiquity, but modern interest in it began around 1930. 
  Anne Wigmore is first that recommends a raw food diet to detoxify the body. The expert in  healthy diet Dr. Herbert Shelton is also among the first supporters of the raw food diet.
In the 80s, the raw food diet was recommended for preventing various types of cancer. In the 90s, celebrities like Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson openly support the raw food diet, and in 2000 already has the boom in raw food restaurants, especially in California.

  The raw food diet is much more a philosophy and a way of life than classic slimming diet.

raw food diet
Raw Food

 The basic rule in nutrition is that at least 75 % of consumed food must not undergo the heat treatment. Staunchest supporters of this diet eat 100 % raw food.

The raw food diet includes:

*Fresh fruit and vegetables

* Seeds

* Nuts

* Legumes (peas, green beans)

* Natural fruit and vegetable juices

* Marine Algae

* Stubs

* Water

* Unpasteurized milk and dairy products

* Raw eggs

  Although attenuation is not the main goal of a raw food diet, it still exists. The diet is low in fat, protein and calories. In addition, raw food is a natural remedy and a regular diet protects against many diseases.

healthy food
Healthy Food

Key Benefits of raw food diet are:


* Weight loss

* Tidal of energy

* Good digestion

* A strong immune system

* Improved mental activity and creativity

* Beautiful skin

* Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

Benefits of raw food diet
Benefits Of Raw Food Diet


 Converting to this kind of a diet may initially cause unpleasant symptoms such as headache, vomiting, depression and hunger, but it will be only periodically. The diet with raw foods can lead also to a lack of vitamin B12 and proteins, which are usually supplied by the meat, and you need to upgrade this lack of B vitamin through supplements.


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