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 Thanks to their antioxidant effects, spices such as mint, peppers, white onion and ginger has been proven that acts as prevention and assistance for people with cancer.  
  Ginger is an old folk remedy traditionally used in population everywhere in the world. It cures many health problems, from the common cold to the flu and can be used fresh or dried

healthy ginger
Ginger and Honey

  Studies have shown that ginger may act as anti-inflammatory and is great for preventing cancer of the lungs and the digestive system and is often used after chemotherapy as it reduces difficulties combined with honey that raises immunity.
  Turmeric is the spice that gives curry a yellow color, and is most widely used in Indian cuisine and medicine. In recent years research increasingly confirms its power to fight cancer. It consists of substances that reduce the growth of tumors.

   Research shows that this spice protects against colon cancer and melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer
  Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant that increases blood flow to the brain and protects the brain from free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and diseases like Alzheimer's disease.   This herb increases alertness and concentration while leading to more effective execution of tasks related to memory

healthy rosemary
Healthy Rosemary

  Rosemary is often used for marinating meat and has a good reason for it. It contains acids, and substances that fight bacteria and prevent spoiling of meat and make cooked meats healthier. It is believed that rosemary stimulates the immune system, improves circulation and improves digestion of food.
  Chili and pepperoni fall in the yield of hot peppers rich with capsaicin . It acts against inflammation, making healthy digestion and prevents the occurrence of polyps on hoses.  Furthermore, studies show that people who regularly use chili in their nutrition less suffer from prostate cancer.   Because they are rich in vitamins A and C, they strengthen immunity and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

  For the prevention of lung cancer.
Garlic is also called antibiotic and from long ago is used for treatment and prevention of health.Studies confirm that people who eat garlic regularly have a lower risk of the occurrence of cancer in the body, and it is also useful in the prevention of lung cancer and breast cancer.
Traditionally, mint tea is used to relieve pain in the stomach, but also mint improves digestion of food. Mint helps with diarrhea, stomach gas and irritable bowel syndrome

mint tea for health
Mint Tea

  Effective effect of mint can come to the fore and as an herb that helps in reducing the urges to vomit.   Often used to treat the common cold, sore throat, sinus problems and respiratory infections.   The oil of mint can help in reducing headache, muscle pain or toothache

Natural Chamomile Tea

  Camomile which is commonly used in teas is best known for its calming action and is used to relieve the spasms. Regular drinking of chamomile tea balances pH value in the body and reduces the risk of evolving forms of cancer, and is quite useful for treatments of wounds on the lips after cancer of the tongue and throat.

Artemisinin herb that kills cancer

  The Chinese discovered that artemisinin is the best against breast cancer, because it kills 98% of cancer cells in our body.   
Artemisinin herb

 Artemisinin when consumed alone, reduces 28% of the cells of breast cancer, and in combination with grapes manage to destroy cancer totally.
  It is important to emphasize that this herb is harmless to healthy cells of the body

  “Our results show that the artemisinin effect of E2F1 transcription factor, mediates in prevention of cell circle of breast cancer and represents a critical path that artemisinin control the growth of productive cells of cancer”, saying studies of cancer laboratory in a university in California.

  Iron is collected in cancerous cells with specific receptors that help in destroying the cells.   Normal cells also have those receptors, but cancer cells have them in large quantities and it is good to combine iron and artemisinin.   Until now this extract was difficult to obtain at a good price, but because there was an expansion of this herb we can expect the price to be more accessible to all.


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