Monday, October 13, 2014

 Thinking about whether to go to do aerobics, yoga or dance? See which physical activity is appropriate for your blood type. Scientific studies have shown that you should choose the type of sport according to your blood type. Thus, to the zero blood group corresponding intensive sports, while those with blood type "AB" is not recommended to have excessive physical activities, but moderation in all aspects. 


Zero blood group

  If you are zero blood type, then you are big advocates of physical activity, fitness or exercise. You love sport and not miss a single moment to exercise to exhaustion. Your body needs physical effort, otherwise you are dispirited and can easily get weight. Also, you try to achieve certain results, and you want to win the game.
  Ideal exercises for you are the ones in working group: aerobics, exercises for body shaping, dance, martial arts...


Blood group type A

  To your blood type are corresponding team sports. Well agree with colleagues, you know to deal with any potential conflict or misunderstanding and through sports activities to resolve stress, but also to make new friends, to find like-minded people too.
  You fit, yoga, swimming, gymnastics, brisk walking, cycling, skating. Forget sports that require difficult, exhausting training, because it's just not for you.

Blood group type B

  If you have this blood type, then you are great individualist. In sports, like in life, you are unpredictable and behave as you please. It can happen at key moments to leave friends stranded or otherwise, to rescue the situation when it is least expected of you. You like sports where you can practice all alone but and in a group too, so to combine, in a group exercise yoga, but jog alone.

exercise in nature

Blood group type AB

  This blood type has a small number of people. You are balanced and calm, and your reactions are a bit slower, so sports that require quick reflexes and quick responses are not for you. Regardless of that you move and you like long walks. Do not limit yourself to the fitness club, because it will quickly become bored to you. Exercise outside in the fresh air. You're type for running, vigorous walking, cycling or roller skating and skiing.

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