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Sesame, The Best Plant That Protects Against Cancer & 
High Blood Pressure

  Sesame is an old plant that almost 5000 years is grown and used as food.

 Previously it was thought that there is no special healthy effect, but today, scientists increasingly refute this opinion.

sesame,healthy plant

  Sesame is an herb that grows up to 2 meters. The flowers of sesame can be colored differently, and seeds can be white, brown and black. People often use sesame as a spice because it gives a special and distinctive flavor to the food.

  In the last two decades, sesame oil and sesame made a real boom because they were made and cited a number of useful research on it. In addition, we present some of them.

Sesame against high blood pressure

  According to scientists the sesame oil is great for fighting high blood pressure, lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and reduces fat in the blood.

With sesame to a reduced risk of cancer

  According to recent research sesame has excellent elements fighting against the occurrence of malignant tissue and is efficient in fighting cancer on:

- Prostate

- Breast

- Lungs

- Pancreas

- Bones

With sesame to healthy skin

  Scientists have repeatedly stated that sesame has a significant amount of vitamin E, so the sesame oil is great against stretch marks and keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

Basil, Tasty And Healthy Cure

  For thousands of years, people are using the healing properties of basil. Besides the pleasant taste, magical aroma and good looks, which provides him a secure place in the kitchen, basil (Ocimum basilicum) has characteristics for which is recommended from doctors and nutritionists.It is believed to have originated in India, and it was known to Egyptians 5000 years ago.
  According to the written data, this plant was brought in Europe around the 12th century by monks. Aromatic basil from time immemorial is used for religious ceremonies, as a spice, but also as a great ally in the recovery of ill health. Because of the beneficial ingredients are used his twigs, leaves and flowers.

  It is known also as “King Of The Garden” and is rich in medicinal ingredients and substances such as fiber, glycosides, essential oils, camphor, methyl chavicol,mineral salts, saponins, cineole.

basil,healthy spice

  Used as a spice, basil gives taste and improves digestion of heavy foods and keep her from spoiling. Chefs recommend it in addition to food from potato, corn, cauliflower and eggplant. Inevitable in Mediterranean cuisine for preparing dressings, and is best combined with tomatoes.

  Healing properties of basil particularly apparent in the fight against acne, treatment of anxiety, asthma, diseases of the bladder and urinary tract, liver, muscle pain, migraines, ulcers, abdominal pain, depression, diarrhea, eczema, menstrual problems, colds and flu, circulation problems, various infections.
  Mostly is used a tea from basil (do not leave leaves long to remain in hot water), but you should not forget basil oil remind experts as effective in solving problems with the skin.

  Basil is acting also as a sedative, can reduce pain and a good against cramps.  Because the sedative effects it is not recommended for pregnant women in the first half of pregnancy or for babies.

The Powerful Maca

  Maca is a plant that originated in the Andean region and grows to a height of 2400 to 4400 meters above sea level. Ancient Inca were used powder from the root of this plant before their long marches to increase the resilience of the body.
  Because of the large benefits to the human body, Maca is located in the category of super food.She is a natural adaptogen,meaning that its consumption increases body endurance and resistance against stress, anxiety, exhaustion.
The root of Maca contains alkaloids, amino acids, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, micro and macro nutrients, vitaminC, B2, B3, B6, minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium-minded, manganese.

the powerfull maca

  Maca contains unique alkaloids Macamides and Macaenes which can not be found in any other herb.Those alkaloids helps the body to use all the nutrients that Maca contains.Healthy benefits of using Maca are as big as for the women and men.

  Maca improves the function of the endocrine system which is responsible for the operation of hormones, and establishes hormonal balance in the body.She also alleviates menstrual pain, contributes to a regular monthly cycle, relieves symptoms of menopause (change of mood, insomnia, heat waves, osteoporosis).

  Maca strengthens the libido and potency in men, helps with infertility (positive affect sperm production and increases the volume of seed) for which some are called natural viagra.She positively affects the immune system, improves the function of the brain ( improves memory and concentration), it slows down the aging process of the body, increases energy levels, positively affect the health of the heart and blood vessels, helps with anemia.

Extra: Natural Prescription From Parsley And Honey For Healthy Heart

  The recipe is more than 800 years old, and because successfully helps with heart problems, doctors still recommend it.
  The recipe comes from the nun Hildegard von Bingen, who lived 800 years ago, and to this day is transferred from many famous doctors.
  This natural remedy for heart proved to be successful for heart disease. It is used when you experience any problems with the heart, such as stabbing, vibrations, skipping because of stress. It is also useful and with people who have angina pectoris.
- 10 stalks fresh parsley (no root)
- A liter of homemade red or white wine
- Two tablespoons wine vinegar
- 300 grams of natural honey.

drink for healthy heart

  Preparation: Ten fresh stalks of parsley along with the leaves put into one liter of pure natural wine and add 1-2 tablespoons pure wine vinegar.
Cook 10 minutes over low heat (be careful, it can begin to foam). After addition of 300 grams of real honey bee cook over low heat for another 4 minutes.
  Strain the hot wine and while is still hot put in bottles, previously washed with strong alcohol. Close. The precipitate that forms is not harmful and can be safely consumed.
The drink is used daily, one tablespoon until the symptoms stop. For more serious illness need to be used for a longer period of time.


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