Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Carrots for better immunity

The main prerequisite for good health is the optimal functioning of the immune system and therefore special attention should be paid to strengthening the immune system.

Nutritionists recommend fresh pressed juices from fresh fruit and vegetables in which carrots have principal place. In fact, the results of numerous studies have shown that orange root, thanks to the abundance of beta - carotene, is one of the best keepers of the immune system.

carrots for better immunity

This precious ingredient is a powerful antioxidant and carrots beside that is rich in vitamins D, E and the B complex, potassium, calcium, iodine, zinc, cobalt, pectin and essential oils.

Every day we should also consume bee products like honey, bee pollen, and beebread as they represent a real treasure of enzymes and other nutritional elements.

The listed products are rich in minerals and vitamins that strengthen our immunity, destroy the flu virus, boost metabolism, increase energy and stamina, and resistance to stress and various diseases.

When it comes to boosting the immunity best results are achieved if it is consumed a mixture of honey, garlic, pine needles, cinnamon and plantago.

Young spinach to strengthen our bones

Spinach is available throughout the whole year, and spring is the perfect time to enjoy this vegetable since young spinach has great and delicious taste.

Abundant in vitamin K, which, among other things is great for bones.

spinach for healthy bones

Like most spring fruit young spinach is an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. He also contain folic acid and iron. Those who remember Popeye who strengthen his muscles with spinach, are convinced that it is the iron from spinach that made
​​him strong. Indeed, spinach contains significant amounts of iron, but also contains substances that hinder the absorption of iron.

The green color is due to chlorophyll,which is of great importance for detoxification since for long time spinach is being considered as a cleaner of liver and blood.

The additional advantage of spinach is its low calorie, because in 100 grams there are only 25 calories.

You can eat spinach with pasta, sauces, pies or you can experiment at your will. When it comes to detoxification, it is recommended to enjoy the young spinach salads, adding lemon juice. You can add many ingredients as goat's or cow's cheese, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Especially it is recommended apple, because thanks to the pectin, fiber from apples the cleaning will be complete.

Ginger Root against pain in knees

People who suffer from pain in the knees, with the consumption of ginger, oil and fish, can solve this unpleasant situation.

ginger root against different types of pain

The effectiveness of specified food has its own experiential evidence, and are equally effective , regardless of the patient's age or the cause of the pain – claims the doctor from Vienna Dr. Hademar Bankhofer. The problems actually do not always have to be a reason for frazzled ankle, which is the characteristic of the older population. Sometimes they happen because of damage or because of hereditary factors.

Doctor Bankhofer claims that friction with oils of chamomile, St. John's wort, olive, Asian " tigers oil " can be really wonderful. It is just a matter of which fits to every different person, and because of these all these ointments must first be tried. In the diet, you must include fish, salmon, herring and mackerel. These types of fish are rich in omega - 3 fatty acids, which not only strengthens the heart, but also the strength the joints.

Ginger root can actually be very effective. The medicine is prepared so from the fresh root you will cut a piece,you will grated that piece and apply on the wrist. In order to enhance the effect, at the same time you will have to drink tea from these herbs - spices.


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