Today more and more people are turning to traditional or alternative forms of medicine to improve their health . These treatments have a holistic approach , they treat the person as a whole in order to restore a natural state of balance and harmony in the body . There are more types of alternative medicine : Acupuncture , Alexander technique , Aromatherapy , Ayurveda , Chinese Herbalism , Chiropractic, Homeopathy , Hydrotherapy , Osteopathy , Reflexology , Yoga and Shiatsu.


  Acupuncture heals diseases with needles tingling in certain parts of the skin .These points lie along invisible energy flows , meridians which are connected to internal organs . Needles open,  increase or decrease the flow of energy ( chi ) to restore balance and health.


 This therapy seeks to prevent disruptions in the body with better posture of the same. The technique is developed from the Australian actor F. Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) when he discovered that due to poor posture has lost his voice.
This form of treatment uses highly concentrated oils extracted from plants . Oils can be used for massage , bathing or can be inhaled . Pioneer of modern aromatherapy is a French chemist Rene Gatefos (1881-1950) who treated soldiers in the First World War .


  Ayurveda is the oldest system of Indian medicine . The word is of Sanskrit origin and means " science of life " . The drugs mainly vegetable , are chosen according to their ability to align the balance between patient and external influences , such as diet , work or family life .
  This method of natural healing is based on the recovery of balance between yin (female ) and Ian (male ) energy that flows in the body . According to disease is determined a combination of plants that are taken in the form of tea , powder or pill .


Chiropractic relives the pain with manipulation of the joints , especially in the spine . This method is used to eliminate pain in joints muscles and spine . The founder of modern chiropractic is considered American Daniel David Palmer ( 1845 -1913).

 Homeopathy uses very small amounts of substances that in large quantities cause symptoms from which the patient suffers . The goal is to stimulate the body's defense , so the body himself can fight the disease . Founder of homeopathy is a German doctor Samuel Hahnemann ( 1755-1843 ) .

 Hydrotherapy uses water in a form of hot and cold shower and jets , to stimulate the body 's ability to help itself . The first hydrotherapy center in Britain was founded by the Dominican Sebastian Kneipp ( 1821-1897 ) .

 Osteopaths can diagnose and cure disorders of bone within the body . They do massage with hands and move body joints , again establishing normal movements . Osteopathy was founded by the American doctor Andrew Taylor Steele ( 1828-1917 ) .
  In this kind of treatment certain areas of the foot , known as areas of reflexes correspond to specific parts of the body . With the skilled massage of the specified area comes to breaking the barriers for free energy flows , and to sick part of the body is allowed to heal. This technique was developed by Younis Inga (1889-1974) in the United States .


  Shiatsu is a Japanese word with meaning " finger pressure " . The therapist uses the pressure of hundreds of superficial points along the meridian of the body to re- establish a balance of quality and quantity of energy . This system was popularized by Tokudzhiro Namakoshi (1905-1994 ) .


  This famous Indian system combines physical , mental and spiritual health. The most common form is Hatha yoga, exercises and posture sequence to improve physical and mental health. Yoga in India is used for thousands of years .

EXTRA - Natural Recipe for Strengthening Immunity

  Immunity is very important for our body. If its function is reduced, the body is at risk. Today we offer a specific recipe that on a simple and fast way will boost your immunity.
 There are many supplements that are sold in pharmacies, which are composed of ingredients for strengthening the immune system. Sure, they are good, but natural ways are always on the first place. If they are not possible to be implemented or it is too late for their use, then we can go on pharmaceutical solutions

 Here's our recipe today, how to improve immunity fast and completely on a natural way.

1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 apple
1 carrot
2 tablespoons of natural honey

 Put all these ingredients in a blender and mix it until the mixture turns together. Porridge that you will get consumed at every morning. Eat porridge slowly teaspoon per teaspoon, over an hour. Be persistent, consume porridge every morning for at least a month. Then check the results, the success of this recipe is high.


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