Our Mother Nature is a pharmacist,and leaves,bark,fruit grain,flowers,seeds and roots of plants are its agents. 

 Healing herbs or botanical preparations can be used in the treatment of almost every illness, and they are often cheaper, safer and more effective than synthetic drugs.  
 Of course, that herbal remedies cannot replace drugs that are dispensed on prescription but in many cases they can serve as a supplement to conventional treatment of therapy.
healing herbs

  Worldwide, four out of five people use herbs as the primary means of preserving health.   

 European doctors often rely on herbal medicine, but in the U.S.herbs are not in such wide use, mostly because the companies that produce medicines prefer for synthetic drugs, which can be protected for sealing, and thus they can make a profit. Gifts of Mother Nature cannot be protected, and therefore, pharmaceutical companies prefer to produce and package synthetic drugs.

  Both pharmaceutical companies and modern herbalists owe gratitude to the ancient herbalists who have examined the properties of various plants and carefully monitor the results of their application.

  Based on their experience,herbalists have found that some plants can treat,and that the others are harmful. We now understand the basic principles of biochemistry and why many herbs act, but a traditional herbal medicine is based on thousands of years of trial and error

  Herbs are part of medicine in every culture since the time when the original people stepped on the planet. They were used for treating diseases from common cold, digestive problems, to depression.You may be surprised to know that herbs that you daily use for food flavoring and that can easily grow at home actually have medicinal properties.

Some of the most used and most famous healing herbs in the alternative medicine are:

Chamomile - Panacea of Nature

  Chamomile is a universal panacea, so say all fans of folk medicine. We all use chamomile tea,and our grandparents recommend this tea for many health problems.

  Chamomile is a yearlong herb grows up to 30 cm, has white-yellow flowers and can be found in almost all fields and meadows. It is synonymous for tea, but from chamomile also can be made ​​numerous of other preparations especially in cosmetics where she has great application.

Usefulness of chamomile tea:

Stimulates digestion
Lowers temperature
It soothes pain
Acts against rashes

  Chamomile tea is especially good for calming the nervous system. If you are under constant stress at work or home, you should regularly consume chamomile tea.Only after a few days of regularly consuming this tea,you will notice a drastic change. You will feel calm, relaxed and happier.

  Chamomile tea is especially effective for people who have problems with loss of hair.If you're one of those who have this problem,then wash your hair with chamomile tea, experience has shown that loss of hair is significantly reduced by this treatment. 
 If you are in the group of women who regularly have difficulties during the menstrual cycle, then soak a cloth with lukewarm chamomile tea and hold as coating,according to some research this method relieves menstrual difficulties, together with oral taking of tea.This is much better than the constant use of strong medicals.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)


  For marigold we can rightly say that it is a herb for the skin because there is no skin disease in which marigold can not help,whether for internal or external use and for the treatment of: acne,warts,cysts,ulcers,eczema,hemorrhoids,herpes,fistulas,
impetigo,infections of the skin,with oily facial skin,cleaning the facial skin,the lichens,bleeding,mastitis,burns,psoriasis,varicose veins,seborrhea,frostbite,insect bites,festering sores on the skin,various wounds and injuries to the skin because marigold helps wound healing and prevents the inflammatory process of the skin. 
 Helps with diseases of the lymph vessels like swollen lymph nodes.
 Marigold helps in a way that:

accelerates perspiration
increases the excretion of urine
calms spasms of the intestines,stomach and muscle
balances the menstrual cycle
treat diseases of the uterus
treat diseases in internal organs,stomach,liver and bile
helps strengthen the immune system and the hormonal upsets
it is used for various rinsing external and internal,with injuries,inflammations and infections
has anticancer acting in the cases of skin cancer,uterus,stomach and throat cancer
has healing properties in treating diseases of the veins.

  Marigold oil is a natural cosmetic product that protects and nurtures young as well as old skin.
  Marigold also can be mixed with other herbs and yields products that help in successfully treating many diseases.

Sage - Healing Herb With A Wide Range Of Action

sage healing herb

  Sage herb is known in traditional medicine since ancient times. Its Latin name (Salvia officinalis) in translation means something to save and cure.

  Since ancient times this herb has been used by the ancient Romans to treat various diseases. Until the discovery of antibiotics, people have used the sage tea in sore throat, fatigue, inflammation in internal organs, for vaginal washing and for fungal infections.

  In the medical terms, Sage is considered as an antibiotic with a broad spectrum. It applies to the regulation of sweating during climax, with disturbances in the menstrual cycle, to strengthen the nerves, purifies the liver and in rheumatism.

  The leaves of sage are used to clean the teeth and gums , and today almost in every toothpaste is added exact of sage. Affect also the process of digestion and excretion of bile. It is used to reduce the secretion of saliva in Parkinson's disease .
  Breastfeeding mothers who want to stop breastfeeding should be used sage daily to reduce milk production. Sage is used for relaxation, in the moments of anxiety,tension and dizziness. 

  It is used for reduced immunity,nervous exhaustion and low memory and concentration. You can find sage as an ingredient in creams against various skin infections and dandruff shampoos.

Parsley - More Than Just A Simple Spice


  Parsley is one of the most used spices around the world. He has great taste, but also has beautiful green color that captures, therefore, he is used as a decorator of different dishes, especially salads.

  Everyone knows parsley as a spice, but rarely think that it is a plant that has a nutritional image, and its healing properties.

  Parsley contains many essential oils, flavonoids and vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. According to some research parsley increases antioxidant capacity of the blood, which makes the blood more powerful in fighting free radicals and also reduces the risk of cancer.   Some essential oils contain parsley also have antioxidant effects. Vitamins A and C dominates in the parsley and have a very positive effect on the organism.

  People also call parsley as protector of the heart and blood vessels.It contains a lot of folic acid which is an important factor in protecting the heart and blood vessels,but also an important factor that helps the organism processes to take place properly.Parsley is recommended especially for people who have survived a heart attack or stroke,as well as those who suffer from arteriosclerosis and other diseases of the cardio - vascular system.According some researches parsley provides excellent protection against rheumatoid arthritis, according to the ingredients contained and a high level of vitamin C.

Several tips plus

  Fresh parsley is much better than dry if you have to buy dry, then choose organic.

 Choose parsley with striking green color do not buy parsley in yellow color because it is a sign of damage and old age.

  Never dispose excess parsley from your garden, shred it and dry it so you can use indefinitely.

 Parsley can be used in almost every dish, it causes almost no side effects.


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