In order to perform our daily activities ( to move , work , sit , or even sleep ) our body needs energy, and to get the energy we need fuel . Just like a car , and we should , from time to time  (3 or more times a day ) to fill our " tank " with fuel , and that fuel is food .
  And as the car badly works and eventually stops when uses bad fuel , similar happens to the human body .
  So we must learn to make good choices.

What is a healthy food ?

  Healthy diet involves eating a balanced amount of protein , carbohydrates , fats , vitamins and minerals . That means , importing in our body greater amounts of protein and carbohydrates and less fat . In this healthy diet is especially important intake of vitamins and minerals that are present in most fresh fruits and vegetables .

  Healthy food boosts natural immunity of the body and allows easier to defend against many harmful effects and diseases . With a healthy diet and regular physical activity gradually is shrinking and excess body weight, which often is a risk factor for the occurrence of many diseases .
  Eating a well-balanced , healthy food , fills our body with many essential nutrients needed for proper function during the day . Healthy diet keeps your brain active , provides enough energy, and strengthens bones and muscles . Using a healthy diet can also help you control your weight  prevent chronic diseases and to relieve stress.
  Improving eating habits and maintaining a good balanced diet with fruits , vegetables , whole grains , dairy products , and lean meats can help to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease , hypertension , diabetes and stroke .

  Food provides your body with energy to function properly .  

 Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy in your body . In your digestive system , carbohydrates are converted into glucose , the sugar used for energy . Healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains , vegetables , fruits and berries provide nutrients that will provide power for an extended period of time. Unhealthy carbohydrates like white bread , cakes and fizzy drinks can provide immediate power for a short time , but it can also make you feel tired after some short time.

  Fat - fat is very important for certain bodily functions , but you should be careful . Too much saturated fat that is from animal origin (  Butter ) can lead to certain diseases such as heart diseases , diabetes... Limit quantities that you daily enter and try to enter good fats such as olive oil , fish and nuts .

  Proteins - they should be 15 % of the daily amount of nutrients that enter into your body . Proteins , among other things , can regenerate tissue . Our body is unable to produce the 9 amino acids that are needed , which means that we need to provide them with food . It is recommended to enter white meat ( chicken ) , fish , eggs ... Try to avoid fatty red meat .


  Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can help you to successfully control your weight . Foods high in fiber , it is also healthy food , which helps to reduce weight . Fiber helps you stay fuller for a longer period of time , so you enter less calories and feel more satisfied.

  Stress can affect your immune system and can lead to many health problems such as heart disease and stroke . Healthy foods contain vitamins and nutrients that can reduce stress , including magnesium , serotonin,  and antioxidants . Magnesium reduces body response to stress and is found in vegetables , fruits , berries and seafood .


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