Factors That Influence Creation Of A Dream

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  We dream all time while we are sleeping, sometimes dreams are beautiful, sometimes a real nightmare. People often are studying dreams, some want to explain their appearance, others believe and endeavor to interpret their meaning.
However some external factors influencing the creation of dreams and some of the that most influential are:

Sounds while sleeping

sounds during sleeping

  The sounds while sleeping affects to the design of the dream. If you want to dream beautiful and peaceful dreams release quiet music that reminds you of good things. Or let the sounds that mimic waves of water. This is good to do sometimes, but not consistently, because scientists say that to be well rested brain still needs silence.

Odors while you sleep


  A German study found that odors have a big influence to the creation of the dream. Therefore, they recommend, if you want a restful sleep, let the room in which you sleep be invigorated with gentle and pleasant scents that will relax the brain.

Sleeping Position

sleeping position

  According to scientists, if you sleep on your stomach there is a big chance to dream sexual dreams or dreams where someone is haunting you. Sex dreams are common when you sleep on your stomach, because the genitals are in contact with the bed, and breathing is difficult. If you want to remember the dream, before you do anything in the morning do not reverse the posture of sleep. If you wish to continue the same dream after waking up, most likely for that to happen is to return to the same position on the bed.


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