Simple and Fun Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

spice up sex life

 For a relationship to survive, it is necessary to defeat the monotony and routine. Good sex is always a guard of the good relationship, but no matter how good it is with time it just pure routine and monotony. Therefore it is necessary to do something. Maybe you do not have time for trips or other radical changes, but you can enter a few simple items that will break the monotony, and spice up your sex life.

Watch porn movie together

watch spicy movies

  Maybe you're the type of girl who does not want her partner to watch porn movies because it appears certain amount of jealousy from your side. Change it. Next time suggests to your partner watching porn movie together. Buy or download online porn movie that you both will accept. But stay consistent while watching the movie. No matter how excited you are during the movie do not try anything as long as possible. Once the film is over, then it is your turn . For certain you will have a memorable night in which both of you will probably repeat a lot of things that you have learned in the movie.

Film yourself during having sex
  This is a delicate process, but it is very exciting. Filming during the sexual act will excite you like never before then, whether immediately after sex video tape will be deleted or will be saved for the next game. However do not practice this with everyone, only with a partner who is a long time with you and just like you and he would like to keep recording absolute secrecy.

Mirror besides the bed
  If however you are not a lover of recording while having sex with your partner then a mirror beside bed is a great way of compensation. To watch yourself with partner while making love is something that will totally excite you.

Talk dirty

talk dirty

The only place where the vulgar vocabulary is allowed is in bed with your partner. If you have not practiced to use "dirty" words till now, it's time to start. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised by this change and you will get an unforgettable sex.

Quick sex with clothes on

quick sex

  Although it is normal to have sex while you’re naked, all evidence suggests that sex with clothes on is very exciting, especially for men. Next time especially if you are in a rush apply this sex. Move you're clothing just as much penetration to be possible, let your partner release only his penis and nothing more, you will be surprised how much you will be excited.

Some interesting facts about sex

healthy sex


Sex helps to release your nose

  Interesting and true. Orgasm stimulates nasal cavity easier to deal with the bar, so we can say that the orgasm is a real cure for a stuffy nose. This is one more reason to have sex regularly.

Pubic hair increases sexual pleasure

  This fact will surely look funny to you considering the fact that today's fashion rarely allows the pubic hair in the genital area. Yet scientists say that they have a purpose too. Pubic hairs have two functions, one was important in the past when they protected the genitals, but the other is to store sexual spices so called sex pheromones and to stimulate the desire for sex with a partner - say scientists.

Semen is a natural antidepressant
  The semen has only 5% sperm, everything else is different ingredients that have different effects on the body. The latest survey showed that semen is an excellent antidepressant, as well as the source of various other healthy substances, minerals and hormones. It is interesting to know that the discharge of semen in healthy man during ejaculation is around 45 km / h.

Celery powerful aphrodisiacs
Celery is one of the few proven aphrodisiacs that make men more attractive. Celery stimulates the secretion of pheromones that directly affect sexual desire on their partner.


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